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#25 - Spooky Tech

11 Jul 2018

The bad, the ugly and the weird about IoT

Gianluca Varisco – Expert of Cybersecurity at Digital Transformation Team

The Internet of Things isn’t coming, it is already here 🛰 IoT is at the peak of the hype cycle - what they call the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’. Every IT organisation wants to ride the IoT wave 🏄‍♀️ As with all new technologies, the battle over standards is always a struggle. The unresolved problem of software updates and short vendor support cycle combined with the lack of effort into systems security and application security makes these devices an easy target 🎯 Internet accessible embedded systems are being compromised via vulnerabilities (even old ones, like Shellshock) or because of their weak default configuration. As more things from the IoT start trickling into people’s homes, this talk will try to shine a light into this bizarre and scary future with a steady stream of funny and smart (as in clever, not internet-connected) jokes 💡 Think about misconfigured cameras, televisions, home routers, baby monitors, toys and spammy refrigerators! 📺

How do we program a God?

Matteo Flora – Founder at The Fool

We live in a world where the Artificial Intelligence is constantly undergoing an impressive amount of evolutions at an incredible high speed 💨 These changes are so remarkable that we are starting to understand we need to ask ourselves if it’s time to introduce some ethics into computer science 🤖 We are experiencing, for instance, new war machines that are programmed to selectively detect and kill people. How does the algorithm decide who has to live and who has to die? Are the programmers able to predict and include every possible variable in ethical terms? 🤔 In the foreseeable future the AI could take more and more independent decisions and, maybe, develop its own conscience. Are we going to give up our responsibilities to rely on Mathwashing? 📊 Will we give technology the ability to wash away our free-will? We have to decide now if we want to program machines that are similar to us or better than us, taking into consideration every possible consequence of our choices.

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