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#28 - Productivity

15 Nov 2018

Don’t you know that you’re toxic?

Federica Pecoraro – Head of UX @Fightbean

Long hours spent in the workplace, a stressful workload, and a lack of free time have become the measure of productivity for professionals. The answer isn’t more hours — it’s less waste, fewer distraction and no toxic behaviours ♻️ Having a calm and productive environment is a choice. We can do our best and deliver an amazing product without making ourselves miserable working like mad to meet some insane expectation 🤬 Federica will show how Fightbean is promoting a respectful and meaningful culture to let people do their work in the best-not crazy way possible 😎

The 20% - how being a slacker will make your company richer

Max Dellai – Graphic designer @Diginate

What if you could spend one fifth of your working day on something you are passionate about? 🤔What if you could channel all your creativity and inspiration into something that you truly believe in, something that may - or may not - benefit your employer’s business (or your own)? What if I tell you that you could eliminate procrastination from your life, simply by spending 20% of your time doing just what you really want to do? 😍 Learn the story of how Google has created Gmail, Adsense, Google News and something like 50% of its most profitable services - thanks to its employees building on their own ideas, while working in the office 👩‍💼

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