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#29 - Let IOT snow

11 Dec 2018

From online to offline (and back)

Iacopo Carreras – CEO @ ThinkINside

Tommaso Schiavinotto – Software Architect @ ThinkINside

Indoor location information will soon be a commodity, available everywhere/anywhere. Similarly to how GPS changed our way of experiencing the outdoor, indoor localisation will have an impact on how we will shop, visit a hospital or run a manufacturing plant πŸ›’ Location intelligence is about connecting the dots on the map to provide value-added services for end users. In this talk we will have a short journey on how location intelligence will affect our way of experiencing physical spaces, and on the enabling technologies πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Arduino: Hardware, Software, IoT and Community

Luca Cipriani – CIO @ Arduino

A journey with Arduino, from Open Source Hardware to Software via Cloud services; how Arduino connected Students, Makers and Professionals with Electronic Prototyping ⚑️

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