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#30 - Cloudy with a chance of speck

16 Jan 2019

What it’s really like to build a large technology team while building products

John Graham-Cumming – CTO @ Cloudflare

I’ve worked at Cloudflare for more than seven years. Cloudflare itself is more than eight years old. So, I’ve been there since it was a very small company. About twenty people in fact. All of those people (except one, me) worked from an office in San Francisco. I was the lone member of the London office.

Today there are 900 people working at Cloudflare spread across offices in San Francisco, Austin, Champaign IL, New York, Washington D.C., London, Munich, Singapore and Beijing. In London, my “one-person office” (which was my spare bedroom) is now almost 200 people and in a month, we’ll move into new space opposite Big Ben. …continue reading!

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