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#33 - Highway to speck

31 Jul 2019

The future of Location is HERE

Paolo Rigato – Community Manager @ HERE

HERE Technologies, already a world leader in digital mapping, is today one of the main global players in Location Services πŸ“ After a brief company overview we will introduce the HERE Developer Portal (developer.here.com), the online portal that allows developers to access the HERE Location Services and create innovative solutions in various sectors - Autonomous Drive, IoT, Mobility on Demand, Transport & Logistics 🚎 We will then delve into a few scenarios where our APIs are used to embed #maps (static, dynamic or interactive) or to include venue maps, or weather forecast 🌀 We’ll have a look at our Search and Geocoding capabilities to find places and addresses, at our Routing and Navigation APIs including Traffic and Intermodal routing (car, pedestrian, bike, transit) and at some advanced ones, like the captivating Geofencing (receiving feedback when something gets in/out a chosen area) 🚏

Building smart green mobility in South Tyrol through an open data hub

Roberto Cavaliere – ITS Project Manager @ IDM Suedtirol

For decades the traditional approach for solving mobility and transportation challenges has been based on the idea of creating new road or rail infrastructures. Thanks to the impressive enhancement of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technologies, in the last years this approach is going into the direction of rather improving the efficiency of how available transportation infrastructure is used 🚌 New digital infrastructures allow all mobility actors (vehicles, pedestrians, sensors, traffic management centers) to cooperate together to achieve the ambitious goal of improving mobility, enhancing safety, reducing congestion and environmental impacts. But how can we achieve this and ensure that public and private actors efficiently work together? 😊 In South Tyrol we have tried to give an answer to these challenges through the implementation of an open data hub, which enables the real-time data / information exchange among all interested parties and fosters the multiplication of development of research & innovation projects between local companies, research centers and public organizations. After years of implementation, the Open Data Hub South Tyrol is now creating the premises for a new historical phase for mobility in the region, with concepts like Mobility-as-a-Service or environmental traffic management that are finally moving from research to deployment 🚲

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