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#34 - Cyber intelligence

04 Oct 2019

Russian propaganda: how it works

Luigi Gubello - @evaristegal0is

The majority of experts agree that 2016 US elections were targeted by IRA (Internet Research Agency), a Russian pro-government company that used the social networks to interfere with the elections 🇺🇸 Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube have become useful tools for Russian propaganda to sway the voters. In October 2018, Twitter released a big dataset containing all the tweets - over 9 million - shared by the Russian trolls 🤡 The analysed data show how Internet Research Agency has carefully developed its propaganda. This talk wants to illustrate how Russian propaganda on Twitter has worked.

Exploring Hardware Security

Federico Scrinzi - Site Reliability Engineer at Google

Studying and breaking secure hardware is not something that only state-sponsored attackers or highly-funded research groups can perform. Tools are becoming more accessible and you can start learning hardware security at home 🏠 Hardware hacking is perceived as black magic or something not important: let’s change this misconception, learn about new classes of attacks and how to design secure hardware.

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