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#37 - Tech for Good

14 Jan 2020

Kindly sponsored by iSolutions

When Tech meets Culture: perspectives from Africa

Luca Cimonetti - Freelance Web Developer based in Trento

This talk introduces some of the problematics about International Development Aid going through the highlights of my work experience as ICT manager in an international development project in Sierra Leone. Moreover, it will give different perspectives about Africa compared to the one usually portrayed by media, highlighting some success stories of African innovations and discussing the role of technology in tackling some of the future African continent’s challenges.

Teaching (coding) for good

Alberto Montresor - Professor of Computer Science @ University of Trento, co-founder & BDFL @ Coderdojo Verona

In this talk, I will discuss about a subject that really matters to me: teaching and learning. While I do most of my teaching inside the formal context of the university, as a professor, I am more and more interested in promoting education outside the classroom, in informal contexts, by involving the most diverse people as tutors and mentors. I will focus on computer science, coding and computational thinking, because I strongly believe they provide students with a creative form of expression that can have a profound impact on the way they learn.

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