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#48 - All I want for Christmas is UX

14 Dec 2022

Design beyond deliverables

Nicole Nardelli - Product Designer @ Moneyfarm

Digital products are more complex today than ever before. Creating them requires multiple team members and other stakeholders. Design work is not something that can happen in isolation, and how effectively we manage others’ contributions can help us make or break a design. I’ll share some of the things I have learned from past mistakes on how to shape better conversations around design work.

Your website is ugly - how to fix it (and why you should care)

Maria Teresa Stella - Senior UX Designer @ Cerved Group

Nowadays, anyone can create their personal website with little to no code, and without the need to employ a designer. But how can you tell if it’s well made - and if it can make a difference when trying to land an interview or a client? I will walk you through the most common design mistakes to avoid via real-life examples so that you can create a website that is delightful and that can take you where you want to go!

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