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#50 - To Infinity and beyond

27 Feb 2023

Building large science space projects

Carlo Zanoni - Mechanical Engineer @ National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN)

Publicly funded space missions are a means for states to advance technological development and acquire or maintain strategic knowledge while providing telecommunications services, earth observation, exploration, and investigation of the fundamental laws of the universe. The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) is the European Space Agency’s large-class science mission of the next decade and sees a substantial contribution from the Italian Space Agency. This talk will introduce the key aspects of LISA and use it as an example to explain the organization and development process of these complex international projects (including why they take so long).

Space is open for business

Linda Mazzotti - Associate @ Primo Space

The falling cost of building and launching rockets, the miniaturisation of technologies, and the ambition of entrepreneurs and innovators have led to a new era for space. Otherwise known as ‘new space’, it has relevance to everyone and is increasingly backed by private finance. This is precisely when venture capital came into play.

AI and Space: finally, no more arguing with the GPS

Mattia Varile - CIO @ AIKO Space

This talk will be about how AIKO is revolutionizing how space missions are operated, thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence both on-board the spacecraft and on-ground, in the mission control centers. AI is posed to be one of the game-changers of the space industry, helping to achieve more scalable, profitable missions that deliver more relevant and usable data. AIKO is leading this race for the adoption of AI in space, and during this talk, we’ll cover some of the crazy things we are doing in the company.

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