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#55 - Boost my browser

17 Jul 2023

Choosing Clojurescript: Why we chose it as our main language for Pitch.com

Jelle Akkerman - Developer & Designer @ Pitch

At Pitch, we made an unconventional choice by picking ClojureScript, a functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript, as our primary language. In this talk, I will explore the reasons behind this decision, delve into the key features of ClojureScript, and share real-life experiences of using it in a large-scale codebase. Whether you’re new to the language or curious about its benefits, this presentation will shed light on the advantages of ClojureScript, its impact at Pitch, and how the insights gained can inspire developers across various programming languages.

Give your Web App superpowers by using GPUs

Giulio Zausa - Technical Lead @ Flux

GPUs are cool! You can use them to play games, create entire movies and even run machine learning models. By using some native libraries it’s possible to embrace their powers, using programming languages such as Python or C++. How does this work, though, in a world where everything is a web page? New exciting technologies, such as WebGL and WebGPU, are giving programmers the full power of the underlying hardware. We will see how to build applications that use GPU superpowers to offer things that were previously impossible, such as rendering giant scenes or running ChatGPT locally in the browser, using some real-world production examples.

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