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#60 - Stories in Pixels

31 Jan 2024

Data Sense-making: navigating the world through the lens of information design

Alessandro Zotta - Head of Data Visualization @ Accurat

Every day, we’re inundated with a staggering amount of information that continues to grow exponentially. How can we process all these inputs and grasp even a fraction of the available knowledge? In my talk, I’ll offer a personal reflection on information design and its tools for accessing the world’s complexity without necessarily simplifying it. And, why not, I’ll also share how I planned a data-driven visit to my favorite theme park.

Data Activism: data as rhetoric, data as power

Alice Corona - Partner & Data Journalist @ Sheldon.studio

Contrary to popular beliefs that depict data as truthful or objective, a data activist navigates the data-sphere from an opposite worldview: data is never neutral, and data visualization is inevitably rhetorical. But don’t worry: this is a feature, not a bug. This talk will focus on the many ways in which data can be used for activism, with a particular focus on data-inspired housing rights initiatives like Inside Airbnb and OCIO Venezia, and the works by the information design studio Sheldon.studio.

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