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Group photo with Stefano Nazzi

Speck&Tech is the digital community of Trentino. Founded on March 1st, 2016 by a group of youngsters, who some people would define nerds or geeks, it was then officially registered as an “Associazione Culturale” on April 18th, 2017. Since its birth, Speck&Tech has always had an ambitious and precise goal (as one can still read in the motto on the homepage), that is to create a community of people, even very different from each other, united by a passion for technology and innovation, who want to exchange ideas and knowledge about these and related topics.

How? Mainly through monthly events - over 50 in recent years, you can find them all here - which resemble the typical meetups of large American and European cities: two talks of about half an hour on the same theme, generally in English, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. A more technical presentation, a more divulgative one; or maybe a more “developer-like” and a more entrepreneurial one, or a scientific and a philosophical one. This is then followed by a convivial part of networking, where the participants discuss together with the speakers and the other Speckers, eat speck (the famous local cold cuts) and drink a few beers.

Along these years, the Association's initiatives have been many: from simple "itinerant" Speck&Tech (in Piazza Duomo at #TSCW18, in Munich, at the Caproni Airport during Festivolare, at the UniTrento CLab...), to various collaborations with interational players and local authorities (the triptych of events MUSE::Next organized with the Museum of Science, which registered over 300 participants in its first night, is memorable); from the Hackathon co-organized with the Government's Digital Team in 2017 to the renowned Speck&Tech Retreat, the weekend in the mountains where outdoor activities in the Dolomites are combined with Trentino gourmet food, career fairs, relaxation in the spa, talks and technical workshops.

Towards the end of 2020, both to keep our audience engaged and to explore new horizons, Speck&Tech also launched a podcast: it was an experiment, which received good feedback and helped the Association overcome the challenging period of the Covid-19 pandemic. From October 2021, after over a year and a half without events in attendance and thanks to the entry of fresh forces into the Association and the contribution of new volunteers (to date there are about 15 members), Speck&Tech has returned to organize its monthly meetups at Impact Hub Trentino, as well as a series of new initiatives, such as "Pan e Botóni" and "Speck&Trek".

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