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BELKA - UX/UI Design Intern (remote/onsite)

09 Sep 2022

First, a few words about Belka

Belka is what we like to call “an integrated digital product design agency.” Yes, we know — it sounds very fancy, but it really just means that we design and build things like mobile and desktop applications, websites, and design systems.

Right now, we are a team of 15 people, mostly designers and engineers, working from Belka’s offices in beautiful Trento and lively Torino, and sometimes remotely — whatever works.

We’re very good at what we do, even if we do say so ourselves. Our clients think so, too. In the last five years we’ve worked with some of the nicest people at the smartest companies in Italy: Fatture in Cloud, Subito.it, ScalaPay, Switcho, Spiagge.it to name a few. You’ve probably heard of them. Maybe you’ve even used their products.

In short: We’re a successful company with some excellent people, working on fun projects with serious clients. We like it, and we want more. This is why we’re planning to become bigger and better, with more fun projects and more serious clients.

That’s where you come in.

(We have the best people, seriously.)

🤝 What Belka offers you

  • A serious Game - We’re offering you a regular internship agreement (if you’re part of an academic institution or not, doesn’t matter) which means clear goals and responsabilities for both of us.
  • Value and Commitment - We want you to have a great experience in helping us carry out our projects: your time and skills are valuable to us and you’ll be treated as one of our employees. It’s wonderful having a helping hand which brings us enthusiasm and new ideas. And it’s a commitment but also an investment for us, too: some of our previous interns have become Belka’s employees.
  • Great projects - You will work on projects where design activities have a real impact on the product, not just a pretty face. You’ll work side by side with UX researchers, software engineers and project managers to design and build the best products. Also, we say no to asshole clients and pointless projects.
  • Expenses - We’ll cover expenses such as work insurance, transfers and regular work lunches when in Trento. Rent and extras are on you.

🏄‍♀️ An opportunity for Growth

  • You will be a significant part of the growth of Belka’s design team
  • You will have a MacBook, a big external screen, and all the tools you need to work well
  • We will support you on your path of growth and build it together
  • Weekly 1:1s with the Head of Design
  • Mentoring with the pros on our field
  • Monthly AMAs with top designers

🍦Our Perks

  • Transparency and Influence - You will have a clear view of the company’s strategy through monthly reviews with the entire team, where you can ask the company’s board anything. Literally anything (the CEO was once asked how he was feeling and came back the next month with a day-by-day mood chart).
  • Work from wherever you prefer - You can choose to work remotely, with monthly-ish visits to our Trento office, or move to Trentino and work with us from our headquarters. It’s up to you!
  • Life-Work Balance - Did we forget to mention that you will never work on weekends? Well, now you know. And we’re serious about this.
  • Work together, play together - You’re invited to join our legendary company retreats, where you will spend a couple of days with the whole team working on planned activities and having some fun, too!

👊 Now let’s talk about you!

We ask you to:

  • be available for 3 months starting from the beginning of October 2022
  • be currently resident in Italy and be fluent in Italian (C1 level or above)
  • have an intermediate knowledge of English (at least B2 level)
  • be a team player who enjoys solving problems
  • have basic knowledge of modern design tools (Figma/Miro) and curiosity about new tools
  • have knowledge of the fundamentals of digital visual design
  • be a university student, a university graduate or have equivalent experiences in design-related disciplines (UX and UI)
  • send us your portfolio of best works: it really counts to us. Show us what you can and you’re most proud of! ✨

🦄 You are likely to be

  • passionate about designing solutions to user problems
  • brave and open to challenges. You face every project with a growth mindset to promote the value of design both for Belka and our clients
  • able to express yourself concisely and clearly
  • used to working by starting from others’ ideas
  • motivated to experiment with different ways of approaching work in order to develop skills and knowledge needed for your role

🎯 What will you do in Belka

You’ll be involved in projects that need a design contribution. Go figure!

We expect you to be able to execute:

  • moodboards
  • informative architecture
  • high and low fidelity designs and mockups
  • prototypes
  • and work on design systems!

And you won’t do all of this alone. You’ll be part of a team and will be working side-by-side with Belka’s folks both inside and outside our organization.

💪 Bonus Points

  • You didn’t use Google Translate or Deepl to get through this offer 😜
  • You have a sincere passion for bullet points (we do, too)

If you’ve made it this far, well, congrats!

Do you like what we offer and do you have what we ask? You know what do to.

Apply now!