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BELKA - Junior Engineer (Front-end/No-code)

10 Aug 2022

First, a few words about Belka

Belka is what we like to call “an integrated digital product design agency.” Yes, we know — it sounds very fancy, but it really just means that we design and build things like mobile and desktop applications, websites, and design systems.

Right now, we are a team of 15 people, mostly designers and engineers, working from Belka’s offices in beautiful Trento and lively Torino, and sometimes remotely — whatever works.

We’re very good at what we do, even if we do say so ourselves. Our clients think so, too. In the last five years we’ve worked with some of the nicest people at the smartest companies in Italy: Fatture in Cloud, Subito.it, ScalaPay, Switcho, Spiagge.it to name a few. You’ve probably heard of them. Maybe you’ve even used their products.

In short: We’re a successful company with some excellent people, working on fun projects with serious clients. We like it, and we want more. This is why we’re planning to become bigger and better, with more fun projects and more serious clients.

That’s where you come in.

(We have the best people, seriously.)

Now, let’s talk about you

  • You are a good person! We mention this first because it’s very important to us. (It doesn’t mean you aren’t ambitious, or that you donate all your income to charity. It basically means that you’re somebody we would enjoy working with, and somebody who would enjoy working with us.)
  • You know what you’re doing! Talent isn’t measured in years, but if you’ve done development before, you know experience is key. We’d like to think you’ve spent at least one year doing frontend development, and that you’ve got a Bachelor’s Degree in something like Computer Science or Math or Engineering, or an equivalent work experience.
  • You love building software! In this blazing fast tech world, technologies are a tool to achieve great results! For us, React is a great fit because we can target web and mobile as well. We are nerds so we obviously use Typescript in our projects. We dream that one day schools will start teaching Javascript. We also like to use tools like Webflow to help our clients achieve their goals fast. We are expanding our technology offerings and are looking for a curious fella to grow with us.
  • You bring wireframes to reality! Useful interfaces are built based on wireframes and sketches, and those require a Design Team to be dispatched! You enjoy turning Figma files into beautiful applications, and you can make those quick adjustments that a good frontend developer is able to notice.
  • Ah yes, and you also think designers are “ok”.


  • You support the team in esteeming assigned tasks
  • You are responsible to develop tasks assigned to you
  • You’re curious about the tech world and you are in charge to define your growth and training path
  • You help colleagues keep the backlog ordered and up to date


  • You have 1 year of experience in front-end development
  • You have some knowledge of Javascript, Typescript and CSS
  • You like React and have tried the library at least once
  • You used Webflow in one project and you understand why no-code does make sense
  • You understand and speak English at a professional level (B2 level or above)
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

What we offer

  • Money! Belka offers very competitive salaries, including end-of-year bonuses.
  • Remote! Work from whatever place you prefer! Don’t forget we’d like to know you as a person and you’ll be invited to join us in our Trento office once a month (travel expenses are on us!). We have HQ in Trento where you can stay, too. It’s up to you!
  • Work-life balance! You’ll never have to work on weekends. Seriously.
  • Transparency and influence! You will have a clear vision of the company’s strategy, and we will count on you to help us make Belka a better company. Your voice will be heard.
  • Support! You need tools to deliver your magic 🔮. A MacBook Pro will be ready for you when you join. In the office you’ll find monitors, peripherals and all this kind of fancy stuff. And when you’re with us, you don’t need to bother about lunches!
  • Learning! Never stop growing. People here are motivated to improve their skills constantly. To support your thirst for knowledge you have a yearly budget of 1000€ you can spend on courses, conferences, books or whatever can help you learn something.
  • Coaching! You will have a person guiding you through your growth journey in Belka. Moreover, we organize a monthly AMA with top engineers around the world. We like to share our new discoveries about the tech world with a quarterly internal conference called Devs Share Stuff.

Apply now!