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15/11/18 - 20:45 @ Impact Hub Trentino

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A community of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, professionals and... anyone who wants to build a network of tech enthusiasts within the Trento area, with the purpose of learning and sharing new ideas regarding development, design, entrepreneurship, startups and any related topic.

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Chino.io was founded in 2014 with the mission of helping developers, startups and companies to easily build secure and compliant health apps. In 2014 Chino.io won the 1st prize at the EIT Digital Challenge competition, and from 2015 it has been awarded by multiple awards in the EU (including SME Instrument Phase 1 and 2).

Currently Chino.io is growing and developing its business, networks and partnerships with other small and big companies in the EU. We have offices in Trento and Berlin, and a EU wide network of supporters and business developers, who are helping us to develop and grow our business.

We have seven open positions, check them out!


We’re looking for two people to join our team, specifically suited for two areas of great interest: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

The AI developer will primarily work on research on NLP and Conversational Interfaces.
We strongly believe that, in the near future, the most prominent interface to interact with machines is going to be our own voice, and we want to be ready for it. As our AI dev, you will partner with a Senior member of our team to identify the best tools, techniques and procedures to implement in prototypes that will wow the users. If AI is your game, why don’t you show us your best Telegram Chatbot, or Alexa / Google Assistant skill?

The Blockchain developer will primarily work on Blockchain and Smart Contracts.
We believe blockchain is one of the most incredible innovations since the Internet, but its future holds balance on the usage it will have. As our Blockchain dev, you will partner with a Senior member of our team to study and improve the depth of knowledge of this tech. You will work on public and private networks, will create POC and ÐApps, and will configure nodes and build tokens. If you believe in Blockchain as much as we do, why don’t you tell us, in 3 minutes, how does a BitCoin transaction work? 

Some generic (but fundamental) pre-requisites:

DIMENSION is dedicated to mobile development and innovative projects since 15 years. We work for start-ups and big corporations, helping them to realise products and services to sustain their different technological business needs.

Send us your CV / Resume, together with your best cover letter (in Italian!) that tells us why you’re the right fit for the job, at [email protected].

We’ll try to answer to everyone.