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#9 - Smart Mobility

27 Feb 2017

SCALING UP: running is much harder than walking

Lorenzo Modena - OpenMove, CEO

Michele Margoni - OpenMove, CTO

A company is like a baby, one leg representing business and the other standing for technology. Moving the first steps as a startup is hard, accelerating to run as a company is even harder: you have to grow up with both legs keeping pace 🏃 OpenMove will give its perspective on major challenges faced to bring the company to market its products in 6 countries, dealing with high-profile customers like Ministries of Transport or big telcos… guys you don’t wanna mess with! 💀 On the business side, Lorenzo, CEO, will tell how they have been structuring product- and knowledge-management, business development (and some other super boring stuff), while Michele, CTO, will show the cool things: scalability and high availability of the platform adopting Docker Swarm, optimization by using Meteor.js and MongoDB and evolution towards an ecosystem of microservices.

Self Driving Cars

Paolo Costa - Spindox, Founding Partner

A self-driving car is hyper-communication: a system communicating with more elements, more frequently, and in real-time 🚘 But to what extent can unmanned vehicles trust communication to make their own decisions? In other terms, how autonomous will be autonomous cars, once they reach the so-called ‘fifth level of autonomy’? Spindox is involved in 2 different research programs working on this question. We will give our vision for the mid-term scenario, from both a technical and a business perspective: architectural view, industry role, sourcing and delivery strategies. More specifically, we are presenting a proposed model for the data layer within this architecture, that addressed most of foreseen technical issues 💻

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