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#10 - Work Evolution

13 Mar 2017

Test Driven Development SpeedRun

Valentina Servile - XPeppers, Agile Developer

Erinda Jaupaj - XPeppers, Agile Developer

In this talk we will introduce you to Test Driven Development and its main advantages. We will do so by guiding you through a practical exercise being solved with a TDD workflow. We will see how TDD favors better software design and flexibility (with the awesome side effect of test coverage).

No borders innovation

Emanuela Zaccone - TOK.tv, Co-founder and Marketing Manager

Which are the advantages of working remotely? What does it mean for startups? 💻 Let’s talk about case histories - from TOK.tv to Automattic -, methodologies and practices to turn a traditional working environment into a remote one by creating a “liquid company” 🌊

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