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#11 - Data-driven society

04 Apr 2017

Understanding and Rewiring Societies

Bruno Lepri - FBK, Head of Mobile and Social Computing Lab

How can we create organizations and governments that are cooperative, productive, and creative? These questions are especially important right now, because of global competition, environmental challenges, and government failure. The engine that drives this possible revolution is big data: the newly ubiquitous digital data that is becoming available about all aspects of human life. By using these data to build a predictive, computational theory of human behavior we can hope to engineer better social systems. In this talk we will show how to improve companies, cities and societies through a deep understanding of human behaviors and targeted interventions that leverage human connections 👫

Sex & Love in the Digital Age

Michele Facci - Psychologist and Speech Therapist

How does the ‘digital age’ affect our way to understand sexuality? And what about feelings? Or love? A thought, provoking and interactive talk about real and virtual, sexuality and pornography, truth and fakeness, fiction and reality, loneliness and relationship.

No slides were used for this talk.
Additional material and videos might be available in the future.

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