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#12 - Bootstrapping

18 May 2017

Unity3D: things you need to know to get started

Massimo Frasson - Belka, iOS and Game Developer

Imagine you’re a developer with no knowledge of Unity3D and you have to build a multi-platform game from scratch. That’s me few months ago 😐 In this talk I will guide you from zero to Unity3D master, sharing the route I’ve followed during the development and the blocks you need to win in order to develop your first game.
I’m going to talk about:

  • Unity introduction
  • Unity Interface
  • Unity basic components
  • Unity scripting
  • Development tips
  • Learning resources.

One man band business from nothing

Tiziano Pojer - ActivePager, Founder

Being alone, this is how I went from one idea to a functional product: challenges and ways to handle the work.

Active Pager - One man band business from nothing from Tiziano Pojer

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