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#24 - Fintech

18 Jun 2018

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Culture, design and team

Edoardo Benedetto – Co-Founder of Oval Money and Starteed

Oval Money was conceived from the union of heart, mind and skills of 4 entrepreneurs diverse in culture and experience 🤟 To Oval I brought design and the desire to innovate linked to it 🎨 I have always believed in solving problems through design and am firmly convinced it must be the driver and the foundation of each product, combined with a team motivated to grow with the challenges that doing business puts you in front of every day

Bank to the future

Nicola Parrello – Frontend developer at Bunq

With fintech companies growing everywhere around the world, traditional banks need to choose where to stand. In a journey through PSD2, APIs and service integration we’ll see what possibilities lie ahead when banks stop behaving like banks. P.S. we’ll have a few tech demos too!

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