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🏞 S&T Retreat v2

18 Oct 2019

The retreat - v2!

After the success of the first edition, 60+ members of our community gathered again for an unforgettable weekend with old and new friends, doing outdoor sport, relaxing in the sauna and talking tech. Feel like taking a look at all the details? Check the mini-site of the event.

The aftermovie

The official brochure

The slides of the event

“The history of Speck&Tech” - Francesco Bonadiman

“What I’ve learnt as a Software Engineer in the past year at Bending Spoons” - Simon Vocella & Davide Pedranz

“A platform for the generation of instructional interactive videos from virtual reality” - Paolo Busetta

“SpazioDati at the Speck&Tech Retreat” - Francesco Bonadiman

“Sinapsi - Online Machine Learning applied to Hotel Revenue Management” - Filippo Battiti

“Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric (or how to pay that fine once and for all with Distributed Ledger Technology)” - Luca Guadagnini

Weren’t you there?

or maybe you just want to relive this wonderful event