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#38 - Healthcare Data

12 Feb 2020

Co-organized with EIT Health Alumni

EU data protection laws and impacts on healthcare applications and health data

Jovan Stevovic - CEO and co-founder of Chino.io

Digital health applications and assistance are disrupting the healthcare sector, however such applications are collecting an increasing quantity of health data to profile patients and provide targeted care and assistance. Health data is considered sensitive by EU data protection laws such as GDPR, which defines special security and data processing rules, and huge fines for non-compliance. For companies building health applications, such data protection laws represent a challenge due to the risks, costs, and complexity in ensuring compliance. This talk will provide an overview of these laws, how health application developers are coping with the compliance and how they typically process health data, together with some scandals and fines issued by EU data protection authorities to digital health companies.

Miguel Amador - EIT Health Alumni President

The real impact of healthcare goes much beyond technology. Current tech stacks allow us to solve most of the challenges faced by innovators, but still, Digital Health is not a common practice in everyday lives. In this talk, we will go deep on how health data is being used to bring value to healthcare and the challenges this faces. We will also explore some of the main challenges of Health Data today in Europe, and discuss how technology can come to the rescue, from blockchain storage to distributed computing.

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