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Since 2016 Speck&Tech has brought together digital companies, researchers, scientists, designers, startuppers and students under one roof and - nel suo piccolo - helps evolve the tech landscape of Trentino, allowing its public to learn more things and meet new people.

Organizing events, buying beers and speck, managing the accounting, booking venues, etc. - these are all activities that have a cost. If you appreciate what Speck&Tech does, you can support the Association in 3 ways by:

  1. sponsoring one of our events (pitch, custom talk, logo, rollup, etc.) - let's talk!
  2. buying our merchandise (t-shirts, gadgets, stickers, etc.) at one of our next events!
  3. making a simple donation - also online, here our IBAN: IT31I0830401864000064406608.